Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thank You, Andy And Michele!!

The Republican count for HR 1363, the government funding bill, was 208 yeas and 28 nays.  That means that the 208 RINOs might as well be pledging allegiance to the revamped banner that you see in the previous post below.  Only 28 Republicans can hold their heads high; they deserve our accolades and esteem.

Michele Bachmann and Steve King are amongst them.  Also in the faithful remnant is Andrew Harris, from Maryland's First Congressional District (eastern shore).  One sad disappointment was the vote of Roscoe Bartlett for this terrible capitulation to Planned Parenthood.  Roscoe!!!  How could you????

This Catholic Citizens of Illinois article will now give you an idea of what Planned Parenthood will continue to do with our tax dollars, now that the GOP leadership has rolled over and played dead.  In 2009, Planned Parenthood murdered over 330,000 babies.  That was about the population size of Cincinnati, Ohio at the time.  That's also a rate of one baby murdered every 95 seconds.  I believe that also boils down to PP being responsible for approximately 20% of all abortions performed.  Ladies and gentlemen, that is called "Your tax dollars - hard at work!"  For that, you have to thank Boehner et al, as well as Reid, Obama and the other usual gang of suspects.

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