Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dissent-Fest At Catholic University Of America, May 2-3

Catholic University of America is hosting a conference entitled “120th Anniversary of Rerum Novarum: Church, Labor, and the New Things of the Modern World."  It will be held at the Edward J. Pryzbyla Center from May 2 till May 3.  More details can be found on this CUA page.

What we really have here is another venue from which to plug a progressive, socialistic mindset that masquerades as authentic Catholic social teaching.  It is anything but real teaching.  Let's look at the gang of usual supects that are some of the speakers at this thing.  It is quite eye-opening!

Alexia Kelley  She is currently director of the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships.  Right there we see she is an Obama appointee.  She is also a co-founder of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and; that is self-explanatory.

John Carr   He is the executive director of justice, peace, and human development at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  This blog has revealed volumes about this man.  Most notably, his USCCB office has overseen the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  Under Carr's supervision, CCHD has funnelled millions of dollars - from Catholic donations - to "community organizing" outfits such as ACORN.  Just recently it was brought to my attention that he sits on the board of the Catholic Health Association - whose president, Sister Carol Keehan, helped foist the Obama Hell Bill on us all.  His USCCB office is part of the Catholic Climate Covenant (of "unscrew your light bulbs" infamy).   Read on about this man in the blog posts.

John Sweeney  He is a former president of the AFL-CIO.  Under his watch, this union pushed for "health care" plans that mandated contraception coverage.  He is an advocate for so-called "gay rights". reveals that some recipients of his campaign contributions include Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy - both rabid proabortion politicians.

Rev. Cletus Kiley  He is the "director of immigration policy" at Unite Here.  This CUA announcement calls Unite Here an "organization".  I'll hand it to Unite Here; they're honest enough to call themselves a "union".  Gee whizz!!!  Why the avoidance of the term "union"?  The Unite Here website also proudly announces that it was the first union in 2008 to endorse Obama for president.

Harold Meyerson  He describes himself as a "democratic socialist".  He is the editor-at-large of The American Prospect, an admittedly liberal propaganda piece that has received funds from George Soros.  He's also a Washington Post columnist.  Read one of his "charming" Post columns called "God and his gays".

E.J. Dionne  He's another Washington Post columnist and admitted liberal.  It's not too surprising that his writings have appeared in Commonweal and the New York Times.  In regards to baby-killing, he's all for "Bridging the Divide on Abortion".  After all, there must be "common ground" you see - as though "the divide" is more of a problem than the murder of helpless children.

Now go back to that CUA document and notice that the first panel is being chaired by Meyerson and Dionne - no one else.  That means that this panel will be directed by progressives only.  Where is the conservative viewpoint here?  Does that deserve no hearing, no representation?  Could it be that the "social justice" crowd is finally dropping all pretense at intellectual honesty?

This conference is a waste of time and a waste of resources of a Catholic institution.  That open progressives are being given a forum in which to promote their socialistic world views on Catholic property is a disgrace.   The short notice that I've received does not permit me to organize a proper protest.

However, this event is free and open to the public.  If some intrepid Catholic would go over there and shed some much-needed light on the bile that will emanate from that conference, by all means do so.

I'd also encourage one and all to consider this event when the CUA collection in-pew collection draws near.

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  1. This really doesn't surprise me in the slightest. When you install an abortion loving University President that has been an advocate for abortion his entire career at, guess where?
    Boston College Law School. He is also an advocate of gay marriage and has not once recanted his statements made in support of both of those heinous crimes. Last I read, the Fifth Commandment still lists Murder as a Mortal Sin, so I guess if he doesn't want to go to Heaven he can keep his current attitude. The 'conference' is no more than a sham in order to bash the Teachings of The One True Church. What I can't understand is how The Cardinal Newman Society can still endorse this school as being faithful. Evidence is very overwhelming to the contrary. It was very disheartening to see this happen to a school that was pulling itself up. I dare say there had better be a new look at the "Catholicity" of CUA, especially in light of things such as this "Conference" and those who are running it. Not a True Catholic in the bunch.
    Jesus Is Lord!
    Tim M


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