Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wonkette Removes Its Slimey Attack On Baby Trig Palin

Wonkette, a liberal blog, showed the true colors of progressives and liberals when Jack Stuef posted a piece that mocked Sarah Palin's baby boy, Trig, precisely because the little guy has Down Syndrome.  The occasion was Trig's birthday, and the title of the piece was "Greatest Living American: A Children's Treasury of Trig Crap On His Birthday". 

I rejoice that there is still a modicum of common sense in this country - enough to raise a hue and cry and to get advertisers to pull their ads.  Among such companies are Papa John's Pizza, Huggies, Nordstrom and Vanguard.  Now perhaps Wonkette was filling pangs of conscience; more likely it was filling pinch of wallet.  At any rate, they pulled the post and apologized - sort of.  I hardly call that an eloquent apology, but what else can we expect from such neanderthals?

Yes, Stuef acted out like the typical school yard bully who likes to pick on those weaker than he, but at least he is up front about it.  Truth be told, such is the mindset of those who espouse progressive, atheistic liberalism.  Embracing abortion and the incumbent hatred of life, they lose any real sense of what it is to be a civilized human being.  Their barbarism becomes more and more blatant.

Stuef's attitude is quite common.  It's well-known that if a woman today receives word that her in-utero baby has Down Syndrome, she is at least 80% likely to have her child killed.  So much for the "compassion" of liberalism.  Yes, they'll put on a nice politically-correct show of "tolerance", but every so often, they let their hair down and the real ugliness shows.  But golly gee, let some advertisers show some outrage, and the false veneer goes right back up, lickety-split.  Well, now decent folks are waking up to these charlatans - finally.

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  1. I'd urge readers to keep an eye on the site. Yesterday, I found a brand I do business with featured in a banner ad on Wonkette. I sent their PR manager a quick email explaining why they shouldn't be there, and it came down almost immediately (and the company responded to me within an hour).

    Wonkette can say whatever it wants, we don't have to fund it. Better for them not to have sponsors anyway-- frees them to do just that. Let's encourage them to explore a subscription business model instead and keep pressure up on advertisers.


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