Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Passion According To National Catholic Reporter

Well, thank heavens for this Nominal Catholic Reporter article by Jamie Manson.  It's only appropriate to have this sort of tome plopped between Lenten Carbon Fast and Earth-Day Easter.

Here's the first line of the article, to give you a flavor:  I’ve had more than one Catholic who grew up either before or on the cusp of Vatican II tell me horror stories of how they were taught that Jesus died because of their sins.

"Horror story"?  Hmmm...  One of the first things that comes to mind is from the Bible: 1 Corinthians 1:18.  That link will take you to that verse.  What does that say about Ms Manson??  The real horror story will come to those who do not avail themselves of the free gift offered by Our Lord, which this day signifies.

Going on through the article (recommended if your lenten penance has been somewhat lacking), we see progressive poison permeating her thinking of the crucifixion.  She rattles off an endless lists of evils, some real and some contrived by liberal-think, that are included in the "smaller-scale deaths of God" encompassed by the crucifixion.  Well, I should say the list is almost endless, as there are a number of omissions: abortion, euthanasia, contraception, abuse of embryos and homosexual behavior are curiously absent!   Hmmm!!!

Now get this line of hers.  Whenever a creation is killed, whether through our continued ravaging of the earth or through atrocities like genocide and war, God is crucified.  Does that mean that if we used plastic bags, used incandescent bulbs or drove suvs, that "we crucified God" - but the murder of babies is okie-dokie??

I have to thank Pewsitter for directing me to Father Z's piece on this.  Read Father Z's piece to the bottom, as he did a little parody on what Ms Manson might think of the Stations of the Cross.

I hope all have had a truly blessed Easter.


  1. As disturbing as Ms.Manson's writing, the comments posted on NCR are much more disturbing. The number of people complimenting Ms. Manson on a 'wonderful column' shows a total lack of understanding of Our Savior's role in the redemption of mankind.


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