Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Canadian Green Party Candidate "Got Rid Of It"

From Lifesite News..

A Green Party candidate for a local Canadian office, Roger Benham, stated that he got a woman pregnant and "thank god we decided to get rid of it".  The man is brutally honest.  Perhaps it's more accurate to say he's honest about his brutality.   The original article had capitalized the "g" in the second word.  I made it lower-case because he could not have possibly been thanking the One True God whose Fifth Commandment he had just mocked, as well as the child created in His image and likeness.

He whines “I am sick to death about hearing murdering babies."  Well, Roger old boy, I have this to say.


As long as males (no one who advocates baby-murder is a true man) like you are running amok, we will be calling you on the carpet, and to your faces!  Don't like it?  That's just tough toe-nails!  Our culture is devolving into barbarism thanks to "bloody selfish men" (your words!) like you.  Moreover, Our Lord, whom you mocked, seeks your salvation.  We just celebrated His death and resurrection.  Will you heed Him - before it's too late?

By the way - Roger's murderous views are quite typical for environmentalists.  Go to the first blog label, click on it, and do some fascinating reading.

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