Tuesday, April 19, 2011

William Donald Schaefer - God Have Mercy On His Soul

William Donald Schaefer, former governor of Maryland, passed away yesterday at the age of 89.  I have read many accounts today regarding him and his effect on Baltimore and the state of Maryland.  While he is rightly credited for revitalizing the Inner Harbor area of Baltimore, and remembered for a somewhat gruff personality, not one of the articles that I read told of the immense harm wrecked by him and his Annapolis lackeys in 1992.

That year may bring back dark memories for long-time Maryland pro-life activists.  That was when Senate Bill 162 was rammed through the Annapolis legislature - largely through the arm-twisting of Schaefer, Thomas "Mike" Miller and some others.  SB162 gutted all the abortion laws in Maryland.  It went way beyond codifying the Freedom of Choice Act and rendered Maryland one of the most abortionist-friendly states in this country.

This is why, my fellow sidewalk counselors, we see cars coming from Pennsylvania, Virginia and beyond for abortions - mostly with young girls to escape the parental consent requirements in their home states.  Every day in Maryland, approximately 95 babies are murdered.  Those murders are facilitated by what Schaefer inflicted on Maryland.

Moreover, we now have all sorts of low-life abortionists coming from all over to set up shop here.  Leroy Carhart is simply the most notorious - so far.

Unless he repented of this most heinous sin sometime before yesterday, William Donald Schaefer is standing before God Almighty with much innocent blood on his hands.  Rather than celebrate his life, let us pray for God's mercy upon his soul.

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  1. The Catholic Review in Baltimore reported on that...



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