Thursday, April 14, 2011

CCHD Grantee List For 2010-2011 Released - Finally!

Given the list of grantees, we can see why they were reluctant to release it, since it appears to be more of the "same-old-same-old".  That is, Alinsyite groups continue to receive Catholic dollars (although perhaps just a tad bit fewer).  I link to it here.  I'd suggest you download this pdf and save it to your own computers, lest it (ahem!) "mysteriously disappear"?

My colleague at Les Femmes has commenced some examination of this list; go ahead and review it.  I'll commence my own review soon.  As soon as information is available, I'll post or link to it.  At any rate, we again urge one and all to let that collection basket pass - or better yet, place a note therein explaining why the CCHD is a menace to the True Faith and should die its overdue death.

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  1. The Area B/Chicago grant for the Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP)is NOT for "housing". That is a "General Operating" grant that the national CCHD officials insisted on awarding, despite Chicago's recommendation against that funding.

    It will inevitably support the school based clinics run by SWOP that distribute contraceptives to grade schoolers AND referrals for abortions.


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