Monday, April 11, 2011

Truth Drives Pro-Aborts Into Barbaric Frenzies!

For starters, let's look at this clip of a bunch of protesters outside of the event held in Joe Scheidler's honor last week.  I don't have to comment on the vulgarity and plain stupidity of the signs; that is evident.  Do you notice how many of them don't want to be filmed or photographed?  What??  Don't they take pride in what they're doing?  Or are they afraid to have their faces affixed to their actions for perpetuity?  By the way - some of us Marylanders will catch glimpses of Jack Ames in this clip as he and others proclaim the pro-life message.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Not being content with chanting banalities at Scheidler, they slashed the tires of cars belonging to pro-life advocates.  They also promised harrassment of him and others.  Read the original post.  Now notice the last sentence; I'm betting the author doesn't realize what he or she is saying (quite typical of these folks not to know what they're saying, when you get down to it).  It reads (and I'll leave the grammatical errors as they are), "Those who attempt to take away ones freedoms deserve it not for themselves."  Interesting!  How would that apply to those who take away the rights of the unborn children - or for that matter, those who take away the lives of the unborn children?  I suspect that if "pro-choice militant" were confronted with that question, he/she would react in much the same manner as did the pro-aborts in the video, when questioned by the pro-lifers with the camcorders.

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