Sunday, June 28, 2015

Are We Cooperating With Mortal Sin?

At the bottom of my previous post, I included a video to display common reactions of many good people who may not themselves be embroiled in the mortal sin of homosexual conduct.  I don't believe I did justice to the subject matter of that video and will now try to rectify that problem.

Owing to the lousy catechesis that many of us (myself included) received as a result of the misapplications of Vatican II, we can be ignorant of the ramifications of cooperating with sin.  Often enough, such cooperation is its own mortal sin.

There are those Catholics who, while appreciating the pain that homosexuals feel, erroneously try to alleviate it by deluding themselves (and their friends) into believing that homosexuality is not an intrinsic disorder but something to be acted upon.  They condone the conduct, not accepting that they will compound the misery - most especially the misery of hell - of their friends.

There are some Catholics who outright facilitate and applaud homosexual conduct.  We saw that on Friday, when "katholyc" Anthony Kennedy wrote the majority opinion to Obergefell v Hodges and was joined by fellow "katholyc" Sonia Sotomayor.  Obviously these two, by their significant actions, have jeopardized their souls.  Thousands, though, join them.

The video lists nine ways in which cooperation with sin often happens.  Pay particular attention to # 5  (defense of evil done) and # 8 (praise).  Many progressive katholycs engage in these with regards to their shilling for "gay rights" (think New Ways Ministry).  Other Catholics, though, - including faithful Catholics - plunge head-on into # 9 (silence).  How long will you remain stuck in that?

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