Thursday, June 11, 2015

Obama And Keehan Gloat Together

The meeting about which I posted Sunday did indeed occur this past Tuesday.  Obama did crow before the Catholic Health Association.  During that speech he told the CHA and in particularly Sister Carol Keehan.  Some snippets:
  • "We could not have gotten the ACA done without Sister Carol.."
  • "Without your (im)moral force we could not have succeeded.." (italicized letters my editorial contribution)
These statements of the Messiah Most Miserable are factually correct.  They underscore the utter betrayal wrought by Sister Carol Keehan and her poorly-named Catholic Healthcare Association.  I won't go into all the other evils of Obamacare; suffice it to say that its facilitation of abortion and contraception, even to the point of forcing Catholics to pay for it, is a complete, utter travesty.  During the meeting, Obama quipped, "I just love nuns generally."  Somehow I don't think the Little Sisters of the Poor are "feeling the luuuv!" from the Messiah Most Miserable.

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  1. As the 'death panels' are also firmly in place now. The bill is utterly EVIL all the way around, helped invaluably by the 'good' Sister. And she KNEW the death traps within the bill when she campaigned heavily for it. As for Obama? Anyone who isn't aware of what he is after all these years in the White House is blind, deaf, and dumb. Among other things, he is the worst President in U.S. history, and that's the least of it.


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