Tuesday, June 16, 2015

More On The Leaked Encyclical And Silly Damage Control

There are further details about the release of the encyclical Laudato Sii that is set for this coming Thursday.  It appears that four individuals are slated to help roll this thing out.  One of them is Professor Joachim Schnellnhuber.  I wrote about him this past Saturday; he's the charming individual who thinks "global warming" is the result of too many people on this planet - 6 billion too many, to be precise.   Now we learn that the fourth individual is (drum roll!) Carolyn Woo, president of Catholic Relief Services.  The hyperlink on the CRS name will take you to posts detailing the myriad of ways in which CRS is acting in deliberate and direct violation of Catholic teaching on life, marriage and sexuality.  Given that CRS has been distributing abortifacients and contraceptives in third-world countries, Woo and Schnellnhuber seem to be of like mind when it comes to eliminating people from this planet.  In a saner time, these individuals would not be assisting in the roll-out of a papal encyclical.

On another related matter, we know that the encyclical was leaked, with all sorts of details released that further illustrate the thinking of progressives that skulk in the corridors of the Vatican.  Besides what I cited yesterday, there are calls for "wealth redistribution" (by whom, one might ask!) to combat global warming, quotes by Teilhard de Chardin and Muslim leaders, etc.  The Pollyanna Damage Control Squad immediately jumped into full alert.  They blame these statements on the fact that what was released was a draft, not the final version.  Well, be that as it may, one might ask "how on earth did this rank heresy get so far as to be committed to a Vatican draft?"  The heresies - and heretics - should have been immediately jettisoned, not put to paper.  But of course we remember the relatio from October's sin-nod, so we know that heresy can well find its way to church documents these days.

Here are further details from GloriaTV.


  1. The henchmen in the Vatican continue their destruction. What a complete and utter disaster this Papacy is. 'Redistribution of Wealth'? Where have we heard that one before? Wondering if there is an even closer connection to the Obama Administration than we ever imagined? And how in the world does this ideology fit in with our Catholic faith? I see a complete disconnect in all actuality. In fact, I see a complete disconnect with Laudato Sii in and of itself. The wolves have indeed taken over the hen house. Painful times for the faithful. One cannot even begin to imagine the grief of Our Blessed Lord and His Mother. The Church is quickly adopting the 'values' of the world, and even more the 'far left' values of the world. Jesus have mercy on us! 'By thy holy and Immaculate Conception O Mary, deliver us from evil.' (Our Lady of America)

  2. I haven't read the draft, but what "heresy" is in it? Or are you referring to just CRS? Thanks!

    1. If it quotes from De Chardin, it quotes from a man whose writings the Church condemned.


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