Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Heresy-Spouting Koch Is Archbishop Of Berlin

Last week I wrote about the "shadow council".  One of the more ridiculous statements coming out of that gab-fest is the notion that the Church should adapt its pastoral care practices to current "lived-out realities" particularly in matters relating with sexual ethics.  Of course that is precisely ass-backwards, as the timeless and immutable words of Jesus Christ are to be our sole guide - something that the Church has done for over two thousand years.

Cardinal Gerhard Muller called out this heretical foolishness for what it is, in no uncertain terms.  Edward Pentin quoted him in the National Catholic Register as saying that this attempt is "nothing more than the introduction of subjectivism and arbitrariness, wrapped up in sentimental and smug religious terminology."

With that in mind, many Catholics are puzzled as to why the Pope would have appointed Bishop Heiner Koch to be Archbishop of Berlin.  Koch was an attendee of the "shadow council" and has been known to defend the heresy of "gay marriages".  He said once that "to present homosexuality as sin is wounding".  No, it's God's truth.  That a bishop would regard God's teaching as "wounding" is cause for great alarm, not promotion to an important see.

While we pray that this appointment is not a harbinger of things to come in October, all indications are that such will be the case.

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