Monday, June 15, 2015

Vatican's Progressive Mafia Takes Out Another Good Bishop

I join with my blogging colleagues Les Femmes and Tenth Crusade in looking askance upon the forced resignation of Archbishop John Nienstedt as shepherd of Minneapolis/St. Paul.  I suppose we can now ask "who's next?"  We know the long knives are drawn for Archbishop Cordileone.  Or maybe it will be Vasa or Olmsted - or maybe Archbishop Athanasius Schneider or Cardinals Pell, Muller or Brandmuller.

Make no mistake about it.  The progressive mafia (hint: gang of nine and their allies) are mowing them down right and left.

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  1. I'm calling it: 'The culling of the true shepherds'. And yes, in progress as we speak. When are they going to band together to try to counteract this madness?


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