Friday, June 12, 2015

Cardinal Dolan! Meet Bishop Slattery!

Too often it is necessary to expose the horrid misbehaviors of prelates such as Cardinal Dolan.  You might recall that he was Grand Marshall of New York's last St Patrick Day parade that featured a gay group strutting their perversion.  In light of that, it is refreshing to see a prelate taking his vocation as bishop seriously and standing up to mortal sin instead of celebrating it.

Bishop Edward Slattery of Tulsa OK recently pulled his diocese out of a partnership with the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice after the latter became a sponsor of the city's "gay pride" parade there last Saturday.   He rightly concluded that continued alliance with this group would send a message of support for the gay agenda.  In his words, "I'm the bishop and I have to be the bishop."

Well said, Bishop Slattery!  Please stand strong and know that God will bless your fidelity.  Many of your brother prelates would do well to emulate your example!

Bishop Slattery is already catching politically-correct flak for his stance.  Please thank him and let him know you support him by visiting the diocesan website.

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