Thursday, June 4, 2015

More On The Gay Pandering At The World Meeting Of Families In Philadelphia

This past Friday I touched a bit on the expose done by Lepanto Institute regarding Teresa Matozzo, the lesbian who is the de facto "gate keeper" when it comes to decisions regarding exhibitors at the World Meeting of Families in September.   It seems that it raised the neck hackles on the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  Lepanto issued a clarification, although they had nothing to amend.  They did publish a statement issued by the Archdiocese, which could use its own clarification as it did not address the concerns broached by Lepanto.

With today's Vortex, maybe we have stumbled upon some, uhhh, "context" for the snit-fit that the Philadelphia archdiocese pitched at Lepanto.  I'll post it below, but will now state the highlights.   Archbishop Chaput, prelate of Philadelphia, was interviewed about the upcoming meeting.  During that interview, he said participants will find programming for all types of families, including "non-traditional families", meaning situations headed by gay/lesbian couples.  Well, maybe not just "couples"; could be "thruples" or a whole gang of them (perhaps with some animals thrown into the mix), but I digress.

I used the word "situations" deliberately, for they are not - repeat NOT - families!  A true family has as its base one man (with XY chromosomes) and one woman (with XX chromsomes) united by the Sacrament of Matrimony in a faithful and permanent union ordered to their sanctification and the generation and rearing of children.  It's a pity that one must spell it out.  I remember a time when people of common sense understood that; but common sense isn't so common anymore.

With his phrase "non-traditional families", the archbishop bastardized the true meaning of the word "family".  Unless the programming for these situations is based upon calling those in these situations to immediate repentance, these programs will only serve to lull such deluded individuals into a false comfort as they careen towards hell.

Given the archbishop's politically correct groveling to the gay-nazis, it's quite understandable that the Archdiocese's collective nose would have been jerked out of joint by the expose done by Lepanto; hence its ridiculous and unjustifiable diatribe.


  1. I for one, am extremely disappointed with the Archbishop. Before the election of Bergoglio, I truly thought he was a faithful Shepherd, but have discovered otherwise. Sadly he seems to be 'going along with the program', and not speaking or acting like a true Shepherd. Pray that he will find the courage to uphold the teachings of Christ and not 'cower' to the dissidents, he knows better. Jesus have mercy.

    On a side note: Check out Raymond Arroyo's 'interview' of Cdl. Kasper on EWTN's 'The World Over' from last night. Amazing. Raymond didn't give him an inch. 2nd part of the interview is next week. Finally, EWTN seems to be acknowledging the problem and holding the dissident's feet to the fire. Cdl. Kasper seems to be walking back just a tad, although, I wouldn't get too excited just yet, they won't give up that easily, but pressure from the faithful is clearly having an effect. They may be discovering they have a force to recon with. Thank you Lord!!


    There is more run amok than just acting like family is a household with two mommies.

    In the United States, Catholics are withdrawing from marital life (abandoning marraige) for no morally grounded reason. The leadership in the U.S. has for decades taught that the Church has no interest in separation or divorce because, supposedly, only the the merely civil effects of marriage are involved when one spouse forces a no-fault divorce on his family.

    If you are not already aware, I imagine you would be interested in seeing what the Catholic canon law says about separation and divorce. As director of "Mary's Advocates" a non-profit organization upholding marriage, I prepared a document for bishops before the October 2014 synod and have received warm thank you letters from Cardinals Raymond Burke, Timothy Dolan, and George Pell; Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, John Nienstedt, and Timothy Broglio; and Bishop Frank Caggiano.

    Document is titled: "Mary’s Advocates Observations: Separation, Divorce, and Annulment, The Pastoral Care Described in the Catechism, and The Canon Law and the Prevalent Pastoral Practice in the United States"

    If you provide me with your shipping address, I'd be pleased to send you a paperback version with big fold-out flowcharts. Or you can find text on our website.


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