Friday, June 19, 2015

Laudato Si - Seamless Garment And Humanism

I'm still slogging through the mess known as Laudato Sii and am happy to refer to you some excellent commentary by fellow Catholic writers.  From the Remnant Newspaper, we have from Chris Jackson "Why I'm Disregarding Laudato Si And Why You Should Too".  I do believe that all should take the time and trouble to read it for ourselves (I linked to the English translation yesterday), if only to be able to discuss it intelligently to those who might be so confused as to put it on a par with the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception.  Perhaps we might be able to work off a little time from Purgatory by subjecting ourselves to the obvious mortification - to think that a pontiff could vomit forth such bile.

He gives the paragraph numbers for the snippets that he cites so that the incredulous can see the crap for themselves.  I'll interject a few of my own observations to date.  In paragraph 8, just before he sneaks in the "seamless garment" phrase, we have a quote from Patriarch Bartholomew opining that when we "cause changes in the climate..strip the earth of its forests..we sin against God."  Leaving alone (for now) that we are under no obligation whatsoever to take seriously the bloviations of a non-Catholic, we really can breathe a sigh of relief for we are not "causing changes in the climate" nor are we "stripping the earth of its forests".

Like Jackson, I too have noticed the emphasis on "feeling".  Try this fun exercise.  Copy and paste the encyclical into a Word document (as I did).  Do a word search on "feel".  Rather revelatory, isn't it?  But if any envirowhackos insist on feeling guilt for the "stripping of forests", I present to you (as did Jackson), an aide to help you express your feelings of remorse.  The video below was taken several years ago, as a loony bunch calling themselves "Earth First" had a little sob-session over some trees.  And yes, they were serious!

As I watched the video, I expressed my feelings (that word again!) of mirth and comedy.  In other words, I laughed until tears came from my eyes!

Here's another curious result from the word-search feature.  Try looking up "humanism".  We know what that is, right?  If not, examine the website of the American Humanist Association and read the various manifestos.  They are quite up front about their atheism and anti-life agendas. It's interesting how these words such as "humanism", "seamless garment", etc are slyly insinuated into this document so that they could worm their way into our thinking.

As I was looking into my post archives just now, I was reminded that last September, some progressives conducted a "People's Climate March" in New York City, with Cardinal Dolan sounding the trumpets for it.  Look at the attendees, and notice how fossil fuels were demonized - as they are in Laudato Si.  To me, it sounds like that march and this encyclical received input from the same sources.

I won't disregard Laudato Si, for I believe it to be a snake in the grass that must be watched.


  1. When I have some more time, I will read it. But, I did just watch a short clip from John Vennarri of Catholic Family News that labeled the entire document 'humanistic' with very small snippets of Christianity mixed in. Sounds as if he has it pretty much spot on. It will take a while for people to actually read and digest this thing, but he said he hesitated to even call it an 'Encyclical', that the overall tone promotes 'humanism'. Jesus have mercy.

    1. It is. The document explicitly calls for "a new humanism".


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