Friday, June 26, 2015

Today Is Probably America's Darkest Day Since Roe V Wade

Today the United States of America disgraced itself almost beyond recognition and (I pray not!) perhaps beyond repair with today's Supreme Court ruling in the Obergefell v Hodges ruling.  In a 5-4 ruling, they basically mandated that so-called "gay marriage" must be recognized by all 50 states.  In other words, they attempted to redefine marriage to mean something other than what God intended.  The very first line of the US Declaration of Independence invokes "the laws of nature and nature's God".  Now the United States Supreme Court has set itself - once again - above God and His immutable laws.

An earlier occasion, of course, was the Roe v Wade decision of 1973.  At that time, the Court decreed that the individual states did not have the ability to protect unborn babies from the barbaric practice of abortion.  42 years later, this nation is awash in the blood of over 60 million murdered babies - blood that is on our hands as a nation.  Now, once again, we have made a paradigm leap into godlessness and barbarism.

Ladies and gentlemen, both these ills (and many more) are the direct result of rejecting God's teachings regarding marriage, sexuality and family life as found in Casti Connubii and Humanae Vitae.  Much of that rejection came from those who called themselves Catholics - including clergy.  A careful reading of Humanae Vitae reveals a list of all the evils that would befall society if contraception were accepted.  As I read through that list, it's hard to realize that this was written almost 50 years ago; it could have been written 5 years ago, given its accuracy.

Much of the blame for the degradation of society, particularly western culture, can be laid squarely at the feet of Catholic leaders.  Instead of sticking to their God-given mission of saving souls, that is, preaching the truths of faith and morals, they've been scurrying about and spreading tripe about "social justice".  To fund all their "social justice" hogwash, they silenced themselves regarding morals in order to curry the favors of those who are wealthy and influential.   Now we all reap the bitter fruit of their betrayal of the Faith.

Before I was able to sit down and compose this post, I read other Catholic commentary on today's unmitigated disaster.  Some of the commentary was written by well-meaning and very faithful Catholics with the laudable but mistaken intention of trying to soften the blow to us.  One went so far as to opine that "this is not a time for mourning".  I respectfully disagree.  The book of Joel does call for "weeping, fasting and mourning" as the prophet spoke of response to the sins of a nation.  We received a wake-up call today - at least I hope we have.  These calls can - and should - leave us shocked and disturbed and even angry.  The real question is, "will we allow our profound sorrow to finally motivate us into decisive prayer and action"?  That question remains to be answered by each and every one of us.

I will say this much for some hope in the face of this calamity.  Whereas the Roe v Wade vote was a 7-2 vote, this was 5-4; had it not been for Kennedy's faulty "katholycism" this vote might have been a narrow victory.  Moreover, when Roe v Wade happened, I don't recall it garnering as much outrage as this vote has.  Granted, I was in high school when Roe happened and I do think at the time news of Lyndon Johnson's death on the same day overshadowed the news of the vote, and there was no internet in 1973, but still very few noticed Roe v Wade when it happened.  Now we know and we are able to mobilize.

As our Catholic leaders helped to grease the skids to national perdition over these past few decades, theirs' is the responsibility to lead the way to repentance and restoration.  They must start by devoting themselves to proclaiming God's teaching regarding marriage, sexuality and family life - starting with the Sunday sermons.  When did you last hear a Sunday homily that stated the truth that the usage of contraception is mortally sinful?  I can't remember, either.  They need to start obeying Canon 915 - that means you, Cardinals Dolan and Wuerl!

Meanwhile we are not going to cease speaking out and defending the teachings of Jesus Christ, tyrannical court ruling notwithstanding.


  1. Yesterday was truly one of the most disastrous and tragic days in American history. One of the first things that came to mind was Justice Kennedy and his so called 'Catholicism', as I saw a comment from someone in another post asking if he could now receive Communion. Ha! Receive Communion??? He should be formally and publicly excommunicated never to darken the doorsteps of a Catholic Church again.......but alas, that will surely not happen, as he is under the umbrella of Cardinal WUERL! The Church has been so compromised by errant self centered, faithless Bishops that she is literally on life support. The Cardinals and Bishops in this country are so corrupt that they have almost literally sold their souls along with the souls of countless millions to the devil. They are so worried about their blood money that pours in from influential politicians that at this point in time they are in bed with Satan himself. Oh yes, the USCCB put out their so called 'condemnation' of the ruling where actually they should have been shouting opposition to the anti life issues brewing in this country years ago in the name of Christ. We should have been hearing life affirming and anti life condemnation from EVERY pulpit in this country for decades now. They are a bunch of spineless, soulless shells that have no right whatsoever to even wear the collar let alone the red hat, and because of their apathy they have not only allowed this to happen but have managed to empty our pews and lead thousands if not millions of souls to hell. I hold them, most of them, personally responsible for the cultural decay and rot that has permeated our once great country. Most of them voted for Obama TWICE and a good number of them leading others to do the same, knowing they were dancing with the devil but too worried about their blood money and power, and because of this they encouraged a large majority of 'Catholics' who also marched into that voting booth and voted for pure evil, ignorant, proud and faithless and mindless as they were.

    God will not be mocked, there is a Heavenly 'correction' coming and it is NOT going to be a pretty sight. I pray that the Dear Lord pours out His mercy on these Judas Iscariots because as for me, being a fallen sinful human would have NONE, at least at this point. They have had a decisive hand in destroying our culture not to mention the immortal souls of countless.

  2. "nature's God" is not Christ, rather it is the amorphous "Architect of the Universe" of the deists who founded this country....and that is why we have arrived at where we are today. A good book on this subject is "Liberty: The God that Failed."

    1. With all due respect, I don't subscribe to that hypothesis. I certainly hold liberty to be not a "god", but a blessing from the one true God that we Catholics in the US squandered. Instead of utilizing it to promulgate the One True Faith, we have used it to acquire what we thought were comfortable lives for ourselves. Now we're paying the price.


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