Saturday, June 6, 2015

Does Caritas Control The Catholic Relief Services?

Many of you recall that I have blogged about Caritas, the faux-katholyc "social justice" racket honchoed by Cardinal Maradiaga.  I won't rehash all its deadly and anti-God activities; the link to the anthology is here for your review.

When I posted yessterday's article about Carolyn Woo's statement as released by Zenit, one tiny detail caught my eye.  I repost it here.  Notice - in the very first sentence - that Catholic Relief Services is being billed as "the US branch of Caritas".  Am I the only one who did not know this?  Here I thought all along that CRS was an arm of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and wholely controlled by them.

This fact raises a whole bevy of questions:
  • Are all donations and grants raised from US sources staying with CRS, or is a percentage of them making its way to the international organization?  How much of Catholic's donations to the CRS in-pew collection are being funneled to Cordaid and the World Social Forum?
  • How much control do US bishops have over the doings of CRS as opposed to Caritas leadership?
  • Does Caritas exert any control over other areas and outreaches commonly believed to be controlled by the USCCB?
  • When and how did Caritas become insinuated as a controller of CRS?
  • If Caritas is controlling CRS and proiding leadership to the World Social Forum (see the first link for a treatmetn of World Social Forum), would that not mean that CRS and the World Social Forum are sister organizations?  It is reasonable to believe that CRS and Cordaid are sister organizations since Cordaid is the Netherlands branch of Caritas.
By the way - if any overzealous CRS employee is reading this and is thinking of asking Zenit to pull this article down in "knee-jerk damage-control fashion", don't bother!  It's been archived!  Why make yourselves look sillier than you already do?

This is just the latest reason why not one red cent should be given to any outreach run by the USCCB.  We don't know where that money is going.


  1. My guess is all these NGOs stay connected. You give me a grant for my pet project and I will give you a grant for yours. Through many layers of grants to other grants less administration expenses of course.

    Check with Michael Hichborn. He should know or might be able to find out.

  2. I was certainly aware that CRS and Catholic Charities are both US branches of Caritas.


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