Wednesday, June 17, 2015

If Personnel Is Policy, We Have Glaring Indications Of Dangerous Vatican Policy

Sandro Magister has done the Catholic world immense service by exposing the progressive machinations within the Vatican, particularly with its conduct during last October's sin-nod.  Eponymous Flower has more detail on Magister's service to truth.  Most recently he published a leaked version of the Laudato Sii encyclical, which is scheduled to be released tomorrow.  Tancred also details how Magister's Vatican press credentials were immediately revoked.  Dare we opine that Father Lombardi's outrage is rather biased?

Regretably Lombardi's alleged zeal for ethics seems to be a thin pretense for sacking Magister on the flimsiest of excuses.  Such bias is evidence by the people who are allowed to remain at the Vatican.  Who can forget the book theft engineered by Cardinal Baldiserri at the sin-nod?  How about Father Rosica's spiteful conduct in filing suit against Vox Cantoris?  So here we have a Prince of the Church engaged in mortal sin against the Seventh Commandment and a Vatican official engaged in unethical intimidation (fortunately for him his higher-ups yanked his leash).  To the best of my knowledge, they still retain their high positions, despite their arguably serious sins.  So yes, we do have a purging of the faithful from the Vatican.

Concurrent with this purging of the faithful is the placement of those whose public opinions are openly hostile to the Teachings of Jesus Christ.  As mentioned before here, Hans Joachim (John) Schnellnhuber, population control afficiando, will be one of the four who will assist tomorrow in the roll-out of Laudato Sii.  Schnellnhuber is on record as saying that the world's population should be reduced to under one billion people - a reduction of about six billion.  So how, dare we ask, does Schnellnhuber propose to accomplish this massive reduction?  We wait with bated breath for the answer to that question.

Perhaps the Vatican should have awaited the answer to that crucial question before they named him to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.  Yes, you read that correctly.  A rabid population-control advocate, instead of receiving the boot on ass, is actually admitted to a Vatican position.  If we know his wishes to reduce the earth's population, surely the Vatican does too - and I mean the pope!

As the saying goes, personnel is policy.  I think we now have more than an inkling as to what Vatican policy is.  And yes, ladies and gentlemen, with all due honor and respect to the office of the papacy, we cannot kid ourselves and pretend that the current occupant of Peter's chair is blithely unaware of these events.  He is enabling them if not outright orchestrating them.  Please pray for him and for Holy Mother Church.

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  1. Wow ! The curtain is totally pulled back for all to see ! The False Prophet has shown not only his
    hand but his face in Jorge Bergoglio….Hold on, The New World Order has been joined by none
    other than the Vicar of Christ and then will come The One World Religion lead by none other
    than Beroglio….


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