Saturday, June 27, 2015

Reactions To Obergefell V Hodges

Numerous entities have reacted and posted their statements in regards to the Court's disgraceful obeisance to sodomite perversion, calling it "marriage".  I'll comment on a smattering of them.  First, I'll link to the official text of the opinion.  Please notice something on page 3 of the opinion written by "katholyc" Anthony Kennedy.  He cites "four principles" to support sodomite "marriage", each accompanied by a prior decision as precedent.  One "principle" is buttressed by Griswold v Connecticut.  It should sound familiar to all Catholics who've been fighting these culture wars.  This is the 1965 decision that paved the way for married couples in the U.S. to utilize contraception.  Prior to that, US society recognized the deadly consequences of contraception.  This case also provided support for the horrid Roe v Wade  decision.  But now let's get back to the reactions to Obergefell v Hodges.

We'll start with the Archdiocese of Washington.  Recalling the archdiocese's disgraceful treatment of Father Marcel Guarnizo when the latter upheld Christ's teachings with regard to blatant mortal sin and Holy Communion, it's no surprise that they produced this milquetoast drivel.  Regarding sodomy, the diocese says, "while this is not the Church's understanding of marriage, it is a definition confirmed by the Court".  First, what the Church embraces is not mere "understanding" but the eternal, immutable truths taught by the One True God since the beginning of human existence.  Moreover, the Court confirmed nothing.  It merely joined in the gay-nazis' pretense and is cramming their collective sin down the throats of the entire nation.  The statement concludes with a (cough!) firm, decisive promise to deal as courageous Catholics with the conflicts that will arise. Just kidding!  No such luck!  They'll "evaluate..on a case-by-case basis" how they'll deal with such matters.

Fortunately not all US dioceses are manned by equivocating wimps.  Bishop Michael Jarrell of the Diocese of Lafeyette (Louisiana) condemned the court's attempt to usurp God's prerogatives regarding marriage.  He instructed Catholics in government roles to engage in civil disobedience if they were required to facilitate sodomy.  He also forbade his clergy from engaging in marriage mockery and forbade the usage of Catholic property for usage of the same.  Moreover, he instructed Catholics not to attend such bastardizations of marriage.

Local governments have also taken action.  Several counties in Alabama have opted to cease the issuance of marriage licenses in the wake of this ruling.  The state of Mississippi may follow suit.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott has directed his agencies to protect the religious freedoms of Texans, effectively shutting down state-recognized sodomy in his state.  Expect more to follow.

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, in the wake of yesterday's ruling, stated that there should be "impeachment" of at least the five justices who ruled for sodomy.  Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, in his dissenting opnion (see link in first paragraph, scroll to page 69), indicates that he might be inclined to agree.

Now, dear readers, what will your reaction be?  We cannot shrug this off, for now our nation has been further shoved down into an abyss of immorality and barbarism.  We have a responsibility to speak out, no matter the costs.  If we remain silent, we risk being in cooperation with sin.


  1. I congratulate you on your blog but most importantly this piece is a total comprehensive historical journey
    since Griswold v Connecticut starting us down this evil spiral with contraception to abortion to the
    social acceptance of sodomy. The government and church's co-operation in the worship of our genitals
    must be pointed out. Love will not grow unless in the right environment. Sex is only for a life, long
    commitment for bonding and babies. Once contraception was introduced, accepted and used by 98%
    all women, we turned out back on the Creator of All. It has been a death spiral since then. We must be
    strong in our response to this abomination on all levels. Those that have the Truth must hold the line
    even in face of persecution ! How else will the children and confused understand if we are silent ?
    God bless you for your many, many hours of fine research and reporting accurately on the most
    important moral issues of today - with the objective saving our eternal souls. i know you do little
    more than work and pray. I appreciate you and so does God.

  2. There is a petition on Life Site News asking Congress to 'amend' this ghastly, atrocity of a ruling, for whatever it's worth. I do believe its on other sites as well, but I can't remember which ones.:) H and I have both signed and I sent it on including one to my Pastor. (we will see what he's made of) with a charitable but firm message telling him now is the time to stand for truth, for ALL of us. I asked him to sign and send on. I also emailed my Bishop (Archbishop Blaze Cupich....Ah hum) asking when he would be releasing a statement of condemnation to this ruling. We must start screaming foul from the rooftops. NOTHING will shut me up.......NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING!!!! In this diocese and in my own Parish we will have a fight on our hands.....WITHIN the Church.


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