Monday, June 29, 2015

Attention, Catholics In MD/DC Area - Especially Knights Of Columbus! Action Needed Now!

We've been looking with dismay these past few days upon the Obergefell v Hodges decision that has thrust #mowwidge down the collective throat of this country.  While it seems all we can do is pray (and we must!) we must also act.  The maxim "think globally and act locally" has relevance in regard to this national disgrace, particularly to us in the MD-DC area.

Two weeks ago I posted about a "possible gay attack" looming upon a Silver Spring Knights of Columbus council.  During the time between then and now I've been making inquiries and gathering information.  Indeed the council in question is the Rosensteel Council, just off Georgia Avenue, a block or two north of the beltway.  The party is scheduled for Saturday August 8, from 6p to midnight in the ballroom on the main level.

As I mentioned in my original post, I highly commend Ultrasound DeeJays for remaining true to their Christian principles: principles that are stated quite clearly on their website and that had to have been noticed by the family as they tried to engage the deejays.  The deejays were a bit more astute in their "due diligence" than was Rosensteel.  Still, hoping that Rosensteel was innocently unaware of the nature of this family before booking the event, I called the Grand Knight to alert him.  While I appreciate his return call, he did treat my concerns a bit dismissively.  I learned from another knight of that council that this event is curiously absent from their calendar: indicating that they are aware of the inherent controversy surrounding this party.

Granted, it is a birthday party.  On one hand, the scandal does not arise to the level as it would had this been a "wedding" reception to celebrate a #mowwidge.  However, one can imagine that there will be dancing and, uh, "public displays of affection" shall we say.  That this will happen on grounds that are at the service of the Catholic Church is disappointing beyond telling.

This council has historically been of great service to the pro-life movement over these past few decades.  I would suspect that the vast majority of the knights of this council, faithful Catholics, are unaware of what is scheduled to transpire on August 8.  They need to be made aware of what is happening at their council and with their dues money.

Here is a link to the council's latest newsletter.  Should this link become "broken", please advise me via comments.  I downloaded it and can make it available elsewhere should the need arise.  On page 2 the officers are listed along with their contact information.  Please ask them what they were thiniking about this event; by now they must be aware.  This council is being targeted, just as the deejays were.  Not for one second do I believe that it is a coincidence that this council was solicited for their ballroom and Christian deejays were asked to cater this event, not in light of the Indiana fiasco and other occurrences over the past few months.

Those calling should ask them how they intend to prevent future occurrences (something that all KofC councils should be pondering).  There will be more such incidents as the gays are now licking their chops after the Supreme Court debacle on June 28th.  It's way past time to get prepared.

Please pass this information on to all knights that you know and ask them to lend their voices.  We all must speak out, not just a few of us.


  1. Janet, I am not sure what you are expecting the Rosensteel Council to do about this situation. Obviously, to support their operation, they rent out the facilities to various private groups. There is nothing wrong with this. I presume, also, that they do not apply any test of religion to their potential clients. So they may rent their hall to Methodists, Jews, Mormons, or even Atheists. Most likely, they do not even ask about the religious affilitation of the client. So, unless you are proposing that the Council adopt a policy of renting only to Catholics, there may not be any solid basis for objection to their allowing the scheduled birthday party to take place.

    I do not believe that it is immoral to allow homosexuals to have a birthday party in your facility. Homosexuals, despite their disordered sexual attraction, are still human persons to whom we can show our friendship and love. And this is different from a "wedding" reception - since a homosexual man still has birthdays that may be occasions to celebrate - while there is no such thing as a real wedding between two men or between two women.

    Quite possibly, if you were to observe this party, you may see things that you (and I) would find offensive. But again, I am not sure how the Rosensteel Council would be able to control this - short of hiring roving chaperones with fire extinguishers, ready to spray any persons engaging in immoral behavior. And even then, it could be tricky. What if two brothers (born of the same mother) embrace? What if they are Italian and kiss each other on the cheek?

    I think that the situation of the Ultrasound DeeJays may be quite different. They were being asked to participate in the actual conduct of the birthday celebration. Quite prudently, they decided that such an engagement would place them in a situation that would compromise their Christian beliefs. So they turned down the work. Good for them!

    Now that the Ultrasound DeeJays have backed out, maybe there would not be any dancing at the birthday party at all. So maybe there might not be anything morally offensive that takes place. (Not really holding out much hope for this, being realistic - but it is possible.)

    I suppose there may be some way the Rosensteel Council could establish a policy that would prevent such situations - as this birthday party - from occurring. But it is far from obvious how such a policy would be written. Also, do we know if the Rosensteel Council already has any such policy - limiting the types of clients it will accept? Would the proposed birthday party be in violation of the policy?

    And looking at other situation - what about a wedding anniversary party? What if - the man and woman - were divorced and re-married? In the eyes of the Church they are not married - to each other - and they are adulterers. So send them away - but how would this translate into any sort of policy that the Rosensteel Council could publish and enforce?

    Before we take up our pitchforks and torches - we may need to put on our thinking caps and come up with some proposed policy that we would want the Rosensteel Council to adopt.

  2. Leszek, in regards to your first paragraph, the problem has nothing to do with "religious affiliation" but lifestyles that are in flagrant and serious violation of God's moral laws. Reasonable people would call it "flagrant" when at least one of the partners is "out and proud" (in all senses of the phrase) on his facebook page and when they wear it on their sleeves as they whine and snivel on the pages of the Washington Post (my earlier post links to that). As far as the divorced/remarried couple goes, if it is well-known that they are remarried without proper annulments, I would agree that is a similar situation.

    Yes the deejays were being asked to participate in the conduct of the party. But the council is providing the venue and setting for it. Both would constitute material cooperation with the event. Laudably Ultrasound is having none of it. However, I hold out no hope for lack of anything immoral as the people have over a month to retain another deejay outfit.

    You asked "how do we know if Rosensteel already has any such policy?" The fact that we have to ask indicates that either 1) it is so weak as to be practically useless or 2) it is routinely disregarded. I see no evidence of any policy; do you?

    I do agree that there should be some reasonable and comprehensive policy for all KofC councils. Dear heavens! Why would they not have learned that lesson after the Indiana debacle last April? Are they that hungry for money that they throw prudence and due diligence to the wind? Here I speak not just of Rosensteel but the entire KofC worldwide. How many times must they be bit in the arse before they learn?

    What do I hope Rosensteel will do? At the very least, they might devise their own policy and probe a bit into prospective clientele as did Ultrasound. They seem way too "loosy-goosey" and cavalier with regards to these matters. In light of present societal/cultural conditions, they simply cannot afford to be careless and sloppy about whom they let into their premises lest they squander the moral capital that in the past they've earned. That goes for all councils.

  3. I agree with you 1000%. Unfortunately, due to the cultural atmosphere we now have to deal with, I think it would behoove all Catholic affiliated groups to go back to square one and be stringent on policy of groups to rent to . To some that looks unwelcoming and non inclusive, but if a family or group goes against Church teaching, Catholics cannot be a part of it. Best to shore up our Catholic affiliated groups now, or we will surely pay an even worse price later. If that looks intolerant or unwelcoming or even discriminatory, so be it. It's our faith, let's start living it.


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