Tuesday, June 23, 2015

From The Piled High And Deep Department - Synod Instrumentum Laboris Is Out

Still reeling from the stench of Laudato Si, we are now confronted with the working document that will guide the Ordinary Synod on the Family next October.  All reports so far confirm that the "Kasper proposal" regarding Holy Communion for those in adultery remains in place.  According to Catholic News Agency, some synod fathers "have asked that each individual case be examined, and that couples in special circumstances be allowed to receive the Eucharist after completing a journey of penance and reconciliation guided by the local bishop."

Shall we unpack this glop?  Firstly if one talks about "penance and reconciliation", there must be a cessation of the sinful situation; that is, the adulterers must separate.  Else there is no real penance and/or reconciliation: just a cheap, sentimental facade that will garner no one any real spiritual benefit.  In fact, those engaged in the fake "penance" while continuing in adultery will merely have their consciences numbed as they continue spiraling to eternal damnation.

From News.va we read, "the general secretary of the Synod of Bishops noted that it makes reference to the family and ecclesial accompaniment, the streamlining of procedures for causes for annulment, the integration of faithful in irregular situations, the eventual introduction of a penitential route, the pastoral problems regarding mixed marriages and disparities of worship, as well as questions related to responsible procreation, reduction of births, adoption and fostering, respect for life from conception to natural end, and education of future generations."  The general secretary of the synod is Cardinal Baldisseri.  But consider these phrases: responsible procreation?  Reduction of births?  What is that about?  Do we hear echoes of Laudato Si here?  Do we see the tentacles of the Sachs-Schnellnhuber squid insinuating themselves into this upcoming sin-nod?

When the English is online I'll post it.  As it stands now, we already have harbingers of a mess to come this October.


  1. No surprise here. There were 'rumors' previously that the progressive, revolutionary crowd of prelates were not going to give up on their 'new Catholic Church' idea they so stubbornly cling to. Cardinal Kasper gave us a few 'hints' that they were going to find a different 'approach' to ram through anti Catholic teaching. 'One that all could agree on', as he put it. And Cardinal Baldisseri is 'all in'. I remember reading several years ago, when talk of this 'Synod' was just beginning to emerge an interview he gave to a reporter in Rome. In it he stated that they would like to 'look at reinterpreting a deeper meaning natural law' in this upcoming Synod. "Reinterpreting a deeper meaning of natural law'????? Is that code for 'gay may be good in the eyes of God'???.......that sodomy is 'natural' and has 'value'??? Fr. Rosica revealed it more fully when he asked Michael Voris if 'he didn't think there was any value or goodness in homosexuals at all.'?? I do believe that admitting 'irregular' marriages back to Communion is only a starting point to their plan. The 'golden ring' for these heretics is to regularize sodomy within the Church of Christ.

  2. We are getting garbage from ALL sides!!!! Time to hunker down and console the Heart of Jesus and cling to our Blessed Mother as the rot and corruption in secular society and in many parts of the Church are going down the wide path to destruction. We must stay on the narrow and hard road that leads to paradise. There will be a cost...


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