Saturday, June 20, 2015

Laudato Si - READ IT!

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm reading on too many sites - from faithful Catholics - who, being understandably disgusted with Laudato Sii, are suggesting that others NOT read the encyclical.  One site owner went so far as to state that because he endured the reading of Laudato Sii and published his commentary, others need not "waste their time" in reading it for themselves.


Ladies and gentlemen, the problems within our Church can be blamed (in part) on faithful Catholics who have not been diligent in doing their research and are content to let others do "the heavy lifting" and thinking for them.  They are culpable of grave negligence and the suggestion to eschew the encyclical only affirm others in being lax and non-vigilant.

Look, I know the encyclical is full of progressivism and humanism.  I know it can be exasperating to read such pig-slop.  I know there can be temptations to anger and frustrations.  SO WHAT??  Read it anyway!  Each and everyone of us (that means YOU, dear reader!) has a solemn responsibility to understand what is happening within our Church and our civilization.  We cannot slough our personal responsibiity onto others.  If you do, just what do you expect to give as an answer when you face Our Lord at the moment of your death?

Here's the link.  Please start reading it NOW!

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