Saturday, June 6, 2015

CRS Pouts After Its Well-Deserved Spankings

As announced a few days ago, Rick Estridge, the sodomite who occupied a high place at the Catholic Relief Services, has resigned.  He apparently was given quite a "consolation prize" - all from your dollars, be it through governmental grants (your tax dollars at work!) or the in-pew collections.

Zenit has published a statement by Carolyn Woo, president of CRS, on the Estridge debacle.  Read it.  Nowhere does she accept responsibility for harboring someone guilty of flagrant immorality.  Rather, she voices "strong objections" to Lepanto, Church Militant and us bloggers who merely expose their misdeeds.

Today's Vortex takes Woo to task.  I'll also post a link to Church Militant, for today Voris confronted Woo in person; you'll see her scurry away to avoid him in the video on that post.

Donate not one more penny to them.  That beast must be starved to death.

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