Monday, June 8, 2015

The Proclamation Of Truth Evokes Violent Reactions From Progressives

At a conference in Canada on June 5th, Cardinal Burke addressed the attendees on the crisis that western culture is facing.  LifeSiteNews has made the video available.  I post it now and have additional remarks below that.

The Cardinal gave very clear and succinct remarks about how the role of sexuality within marriage as God ordained it is crucial to the survival of civilization.   Perhaps it is that clarity that evoked quite the rage from Father Andre Samson, a priest from Ottawa who identifies himself as "gay".  See the LifeSiteNews piece and that of Vox Cantoris.  Samson called His Eminence a "clown" and "drag queen".

He went on to say that the Cardinal's defense of Catholic morality was "violent" to homosexuals. As I listened to the Cardinal's mild-mannered, measured delivery of his message, "violent" was the last thing that came to mind.  But Samson admitted more than he realized.  Those steeped in sin, particularly unrepented mortal sin, will experience pangs of conscience when they hear the truth.  Either they will embrace it and repent, or they will recoil in horror from it and continue with hardened hearts.  If the latter, they will always react violently and irrationally towards the truth, for they would rather be self-deluded as they careen towards hell.  They consider those telling the truth to be "mean" and "violent" for we upset the bubbles with which they attempt to surround themselves.  I alluded to one instance that I myself experienced in yesterday's post.  As this culture continues to degrade, more and more people who embrace filth and perversion will resent mightily those who tell them the truth; witness what happening with Christian businesses who won't affirm the mortal sins of gays.

We must continue to pray and of course we must redouble our proclamation of truth.  If the progressives shriek and recoil in reaction, keep at it.


  1. As for one who was steeped in sin for many years in my youth, I cannot agree with you more. The deeper the sin, the more demonic the defense. Where is the identified gay priest's bishop or superior in response to this? Thanks for your on. God bless you this day and always.

  2. Fr. Samson is a total disgrace to the collar he wears. Catholic he is not. He needs to be sacked by his Bishop. Not only is he sinning against charity, but he is also leading vulnerable misguided souls to hell. He is another wolf in sheep's clothing, minus the clothing.


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