Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Laudato Si And Climate Confusion

In today's Mic'd Up from Church Militant TV, Michael Voris interviews three guests to comment on the junk science that is the basis of Laudato Si.  Two of them are Lord Christopher Monckton and Michael Hichborn.  Pay close attention to all of them, but note most carefully the indignity that Monckton endured at the hands of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences because he doesn't swill the "climate change" kool-aid.  Here's the link.

By the way - look up some words and phrases in Laudato Si.  It's quite telling.
  • Try "sustainable" (for "sustainable development).  I suggest just that one word for what you will see is an attempt to conceal the phrase by plopping other words: namely "sustainable and integral development", found in paragraph 13.  We also see "sustainable human development" in paragraph 18.  The simple phrase occurs by itself in paragraph 52.  Now in paragraph 61, we see that "the present world system unsustainable".  See how the idea of a "new world order" is being insinuated?  There are synonyms, such as "sustainable progress" in paragraph 114.  The phrase by itself occurs again in paragraph 159.  We see it again in paragraph 167 as the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit is lauded, and again in paragraph 169 as scientists such as Lord Monckton and others are mocked.  That word again is found in paragraphs 191 and 192; read those paragraphs.  So the phrase "sustainable development" is being repeated, and perhaps for a purpose.  Consider that in April the Pontifical Academy of Sciences hosted a "sustainable development" symposium (from which they tried to exclude Monckton).  From that meeting came a document that overtly called for population control.  See the quote in my linked article.  There's method to the madness, it seems.
  • Let's look at "humanism".  I touched upon the atheistic underpinnings of that term a few days ago.  Just google "American Humanist Association" and look at the manifestos.  In this document, the word occurs in paragraphs 141 and 180.
  • Try looking up "regulat".  I suggest that spelling so you can see the root word in both "noun" and "adjective" permutations.  Interesting?
The authors were not at all subtle about their shilling for one-world-government in Laudato Si.  In the video, suggestions are made that the pope was "duped".  I think that's unreasonable.  Should we really believe that the leader of the Church, who was a bishop in a major city, is really such an imbecilic dunce that he could be led by the nose like that?  I'm grateful that Monckton ended his portion of the interview as he did.

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