Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Breaking - Pope To Canonize Darth Vader

Of course the headline is ludicrous.  Equally ludicrous is the notion that the Holy Father has ever given the green light to condom usage.  Read this analogy from Inside Catholic.

For a more in-depth analysis at what might have contributed to the unnecessary (and mainstream-media-contrived) hubbub, please read this piece by Father Joseph Fessio, as posted by my colleague Last Papist Standing.  He delves into some of the translation issues.  During that interview, the Pope was apparently speaking in his native German.  Then it was translated into Italian and then English.  He also delves into matters of moral philosophy.  That is an area in which my knowledge is quite weak, and I daresay that is the case for even many good Catholics today (back when schools actually taught the Faith and didn't play with "gender-blind housing", Catholics actually knew their faith, but that is its own rant).

Some of my friends are quite flummoxed over this matter.  I think this is a result of being so hurt and frustrated at the very real betrayals inflicted by so many of our bishops.  However, I beg you all to calm your frayed nerves and read these posts.  Janet Smith did an excellent job; I linked to her last Sunday and I suggest another look at that.

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