Thursday, November 11, 2010

BREAKING - Archdiocese Of Chicago CCHD RETRACTS Grants Promised To Pro-Life Groups

We reported, in the past two weeks, that there was a backlash against the much-needed reform of the Chicago CCHD.  Read here and here

It appears that the backlash is pretty much complete.  InsideCatholic reports that Chicago's CCHD has actually retracted grants previously promised to solid pro-life groups.  Among them is the Pro-Life Action League, founded by Joe Scheidler.

The CCHD just sank to a new immoral low.  Over the past few weeks I've detailed where they're slipping money to nefarious community-organizing scam-outfits, many of them kissing up to baby-murder organizations.  Now they're actually reneging on solid pro-life groups that are about the business of saving babies.

The CCHD does NOT deserve one red penny of any Catholic's money.  Boycott that collection!

(HT to Pewsitter)

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