Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thank God For Gridlock!

For years now, the mainstream mindless media have accused conservatives in Congress of "gridlock" and "obstruction" with the same derision as one might use when talking of mass-murder or terrorist bombing.  But are "gridlock" and "obstruction" really all that "bad"?  Leaving aside all knee-jerk emotions that the libs want us to feel, I think we have to say "that depends".  On what?  Well, on the anticipated condition or event that is the target of such action. 

Sometimes "gridlock" and "obstruction" can be the only things that stand between us and certain destruction.  This is the case now.  While conservatives will hold the majority in the House starting January, there are still two months between now and then.  Pope Pelosi will be swinging that gavel with a vengeance since she'll soon lose it.  They will try to ramrod more onorous legislation through during this lame-duck session.  This legislaton will most likely be worthy targets of much-needed "gridlock" and "obstruction".  So bring it on!

The conservatives did not win control of the Senate, but they did net a significant gain.  That brings us to yet another word that the conservative senators must learn to live and love - "filibuster"!  They must be relentless about employing that tool when disgusting progressive nominations to judicial seats or other offices are placed before them.

The Creative Minority Report posted a piece called "I'm A Pro-Gridlock American."  Let's all wear that title with pride, and hold our newly-elected conservatives' feet to the fire to be "pro-gridlock" as well.

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