Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kicanas Defeated! Deo Gratias!

It has been a long-held albeit informal tradition at the USCCB that the sitting vice president would be elected president at the annual USCCB meeting.  Thus all expected that Bishop Gerald Kicanas of Tuscon would be elected president of the USCCB.  Many faithful Catholics have voiced concern over that probable election.  Not only has Kicanas cozied up to progressive elements and towed the Bernardin "seamless garment" party line, but his enabling of a pederast seminarian under his watch rendered him unfit to assume any more authority in the Church.  Many of us were praying and lobbying so that such an election would be thwarted.

Well, thanks be to God, it was.  New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan was elected president.  While I am not overjoyed at his election for reasons well-voiced by my colleague at Les Femmes, I am heartened that the progressive wing amongst the bishops was dealt a long-needed rebuke.

Here's an artcle from the Catholic World Report.  I love the title: "Cardinal O'Connor's Revenge: The Seamless Garment Unravels".

And another "Deo Gratias!" moment.  On November 15th, Catholic Culture published some words spoken by Pope Benedict XVI to some bishops in Brazil.  He reminded them that the conference “must avoid becoming a parallel reality or substituting for the ministry of each individual bishop. The counselors and structures of the episcopal conference exist to serve the bishops, not to replace them.”   Ladies and gentlemen, it is no accident that the Holy Father uttered these words just as the American bishops were gathering in Baltimore in preparation for the meeting now occurring.  Dare I opine that His Holiness was seeking to put pompous progressive bureaucrats in their place?  God is good!

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