Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Komen And Planned Parenthood - More Overly-Cozy Connections

Eric Winer, Chief Scientific Advisor for Susan G. Komen for the Cure, published an open letter, attempting to deflect the adverse publicity that Komen's ties with Planned Parenthood has so richly deserved.  Read it hereJudie Brown comments on this letter, and more.

As you read the Komen letter, you'll notice that they claim that the money that they donate to Planned Parenthood is used "only for breast health education, screening and treatment programs."  Well, even if that's true, all that means is that monies that Komen gives to Planned Parenthood will free up other dollars in Planned Parenthood's budget for abortion-related purposes.  Anyone who has any not-for-profit experience can attest to this budgeting practice.  So yes, monies given by Komen to Planned Parenthood will go towards abortion, even if only indirectly.

Dr. Winer seems particularly sensitive to criticism by Catholics who point out the moral pollution inherent in any ties with Planned Parenthood.  He claims that two "Catholic ethicists", Ron Hamel and Michael Panicola, concluded that it was just fine for the church (?) to be involved.  They say that "the good that Komen does..would be a sufficiently proportionate reason for Catholics to support our funding decisions."  There seems to be much confusion about what constitutes sufficient proportionality.

Let's look at the sterling credentials of these two "ethicists".  Rom Hamel is Senior Director of Ethics for the Catholic Health Association.  That's right!  He works for Sister Carol Keehan - she of Catholic voice sell-out to the Obama Hell bill and the countless abortions that will result from it (God willing, the new GOP House will derail that menace).  One might wonder if he had a hand in that disaster of last March.  Michael Panicola also is a member of CHA's Theologian and Ethicist Committee.

Dr Gerard Nadal, in his blog, highlights a troubling financial tie between Planned Parenthood of Peoria, IL and the Komen Foundation.  Eric Brinker is the son of the foundation's founder, Nancy Goodman Brinker and the nephew of Susan G Komen.  He currently sits on the foundation's board, according to its website.  In addition, according to that same website, "Brinker is currently owner and president of Metro Leasing Company, a family-owned business in Peoria, Ill. In this role, Brinker is responsible for a commercial real estate portfolio that includes Metro Centre, Peoria’s premiere lifestyle shopping center, which is also home to the offices for the Peoria Memorial Affiliate of Komen for the Cure."

A "family-owned business"?  I suppose that depends on what Komen means by "family".  Nadal points out that Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest owns a 12.5% interest in Metro Centre -which houses a branch of the Susan Komen for the Cure, by the way.  I saw it myself on page 2, schedule R of their 2008 Form 990, viewable at

Boy and girls, can we all say "conflict of interest"?  What else do you call a situation where:
  • a so-called "charitable, altruistic" organization such as the Komen outfit donates money to Planned Parenthood, while
  • a founding board member and relative of the foundress is a real estate partner of a Planned Parenthood affiliate?
For those who believe that, aside from abortion, Planned Parenthood is essentially an altruistic institution, I strongly suggest that you procure a copy of Maafa21, that clearly indicates how Planned Parenthood is part and parcel of the eugenics movement.  It can be ordered at  View a trailer of the movie below.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Do NOT contribute to the Susan Komen for the Cure outfit in any way, shape, fashion or form.  Your contribution dollars will go, at least in part, to Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion perpetrator in this country.

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