Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Cartoon Time! Courtesty Of CCHD!

Boys and girls, we've been hearing and reading all kinds of nasty, mean-spirited (had to throw a liberal buzz term in there!) things about the CCHD!  To make us feel better about the guilt trip that the parishes have been instructed to inflict upon us this weekend in preparation for next weekend's collection, the CCHD has created this lovely fairy tale for us to watch!

All kidding aside, they must think that the average Catholic has the mentality of a five-year-old.  That's fine for children, but we're adults - although the progressives would like to reduce us to the status of dependent children (hmmm.. Might the USCCB be tipping its hand here?).  Why else would they think that such happy-pap-crap would appeal to us?  Of course there's plenty of propaganda interspersed in this thing, so I'll try to unpack it as much as possible.

  • In the real world, Mary's in-home, after-hours school program would have to jump through all kinds of regulatory hurdles to be recognized as such. Isn't it lovely how this tale glosses over that teensy little detail?
  • At 1:36, the clip states that groups that "go beyond direct assistance of food, shelter and clothing".  What it doesn't admit at all is that groups that do focus on this direct assistance are disallowed from receiving CCHD funds for that very reason.  As I read the Corporal Works of Mercy, I see that the provision of food, clothing and shelter are listed therein.  That means the performance of the Corporal Works of Mercy will prohibit an organization from receiving charitable contributions from an ostensible arm of the Catholic Church.  To say the least, this is incongruous.
  • At 2:00, look at what this thing calls the "cycle of poverty".  A few key elements are missing - particularly before "family breakdown".  Stress isn't the only contributing factor.  Sexual immorality in all its hideous manifestations, particularly contraception, has always heralded the breakdown of the family.  Abortion has been shown to cause 90% of those couples to break up (unless repentance and healing are sought).  The family breakdown then leads to poor formation of children, who often do have trouble obtaining an education, holding jobs, etc.  So why, oh why, is that missing from the CCHD's little diagram?
  • At 2:03, it is stipulated that the applicants must not do anything that goes against the social and moral teachings of the Catholic faith.  Previous blog posts have shown this to be empty rhetoric.
With the above in mind, we now link to the USCCB's CCHD cartoon.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

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