Sunday, November 14, 2010

Perhaps Another Reason Why The Chicago CCHD Director Was Fired?

According to this LifeSiteNews article from Friday, it appears that Rey Flores, former Chicago CCHD director, may have violated a CCHD precept big-time.  And just what might that sacred, set-in-stone precept be??  Hear ye!  Hear ye!

Thou shalt not personally catch thy grantee with hand in cookie jar!

The Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP) is a Chicago-based organizing venture that has for three years received national CCHD grants to the tune of $45,000 each year.  Among other things, SWOP is implementing a school program called Elev8, working with a clinic called Access Community Health, that distributes condoms and birth control, and abortion referrals.

Last year, Flores did some personal vetting.  He called the health clinic, posing as a father of a 7th-grade girl, stating that she might be pregnant.  The nurse told him that they could provide him with an abortion referral.  Obvously Flores had primae facae evidence of a clear violation of the CCHD's supposed new guidelines.

Accordingly, the Chicago CCHD, still under Flores' leadership at the time, advised the national CCHD not to award another grant to the SWOP - amount $45,000.00.  This facade of reform didn't last too long now, did it?

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to say this plainly.  The so-called "reform" of the CCHD is a sham, not much more than a "cya" move to try to deflect well-deserved criticisms -  and boycotts.  The retention of Father Mindling as a consulting theologian is yet another flimsy attempt to pretty up a very ugly reality.  By the way - I don't impugn Father Mindling at all; he is, after all, a priest vowed to obedience to his bishop.

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