Monday, November 22, 2010

More On Condom Flap

As I posted a few days ago, the Holy Father, in an interview, remarked that a male prostitute's usage of condoms might be a sign of some awakening sense of awareness of the harm of his lifestyle.  Naturally, the mainstream media, dominated by atheistic progressives, glommed onto this tiny excerpt from his interview and distorted its meaning, to extrapolate from it the notion that the Holy Father favors condom use in the act of sodomy.  Common sense rules against such extrapolation of meaning.  In all fairness to the mainstream media, though, some well-meaning Catholics have been likewise hoodwinked.  Author Randy Engel appears to be one of those so deceived.  My friend at Les Femmes published Engel's statement, so I need not reproduce it here.  I will quote the opening sentence, "Having woken this morning, as if from a bad dream, to the reality of Benedict XVI's remarks in favor of condom use for male prostitutes engaging in sodomy,"   Where, oh where, in that interview did the Holy Father ever say that he's "in favor of condom use"?  I can't find it either.  He simply stated a possibility of what said usage might signify in the mind of the hypothetical male prostitute. 

To take that simple statement and misinterpret that as approval of condom usage is, quite frankly, ridiculous.  I realize there's lament that this statement is fodder for misinterpretation.  However, in the eyes of the mainstream media, anything the Holy Father says is fair game for misconstruing.  So what???  That's where we of the alternative media come in!  The mainstream media, in making these wild-eyed statements, have effectively slandered the Holy Father.  No big surprise there, as such is par for the course with them.  But - will we fall into the same trap by believing the Holy Father is making allowances for condom usage?  Read the interview again, because the context clearly indicates that he isn't!

I'd like now to profide some additional input from some other.  Here is Judie Brown's statement.  The article that I cited yesterday, published by Renew America, was by HLI America's executive director, Jenn Giroux.  Today Michael Voris of the Vortex weighed in.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

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