Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Entire Dolan Interview On Fox News

To answer a commenter's question about the context of Archbishop Dolan's "whatever" remarks about God, here is the entire interview from Fox News.  I think it's clear that the Vortex did not take anything out of context.  That segment seems short because it was short.  I will say this though, as the Archbishop spoke about parochial schools, he made some very pertinent points about them being under local control and being subject to parental accountability - of course they're now closing right and left around the DC area.  He made a point of stating that the statistics show the superior results of parochial schools not only to public schools, but these so-called "charter schools".  In the DC area, many parish schools have been turned over to DC and are now charter schools.  In other words, education in DC is going downhill very quickly.

I wouldn't classify Fox News with the rest of mainstream media.  By the latter I mean ABC, NBC, CBS who seem to tow the progressive party line.  Fox News does not, to the undisguised chagrin of the Messiah Most Miserable.

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