Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Rebellion In The Church" By The Vortex

RealCatholicTV is the organization that produces the Vortex videos that you see on this blog quite frequently.  In addition to that, they occasionally produce extended videos dealing with relevant and crucial topics in the Church.  Because of the length of these programs, the videos won't embed.  However, this link http://www.realcatholictv.com/cia/05rebellion/ will take you to the latest program.

This one touches upon the current rebellion in the Church (pro-abortion politicians, clown masses, women-priest-wannabees, etc) and looks at the history behind it.  This history goes back to the rebellions led by Martin Luther and King Henry VIII.  It is a good 90 minutes long, but well worth the watch, as are all the episodes of the Catholic Investigative Agency.  We need to understand the various problems in our Church and culture if we are to effectively deal with them.

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