Thursday, November 4, 2010

Messiah Most Miserable May "Order" Catholic Hospitals To Murder Babies

Thanks to Pewsitter and Catholic Culture for this alert.  The ACLU (Awful Crappy Libertines Union) has requested that the Obama administration mandate "emergency abortions" at Catholic hospitals.  Naturally the Mindless Minions of His Misery are considering it!  I suppose now that they were royally trounced in Tuesday's elections, they now feel the need to get some revenge.  Is that ever so possible?  Why else would they feel the need to bully the hospitals into violating their mandates and identities?  Are the consciences of the progressives that stung and seared that this is the only way they think they can assuage their ire?  It won't work, guys!

I remember years ago when the City of New York tried to force that mandate upon the Catholic hospitals there.  Fortunately, John Cardinal O'Connor was at the helm.  He made it clear that if push came to shove, that he would immediately shut down the Catholic hospitals.  The craven cowards running the city had the good sense to reconsider.  Will today's Catholic hierarchy have the same kind of spine that Cardinal O'Connor had?

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