Sunday, November 28, 2010

Former Muslim Confirms From Koran That "Allah" Is Not A Synonym For God

Yoo hoo!   Cardinal McCarrick, please take note!  Allah is indeed a false idol, NOT to be confused with the One True God! 

Also in dire need of such education is the current staff of the John Paul II Cultural Center for allowing their facilities to be used to host "interfaith" deception.  I note, though, that soon some Dominican Sisters will be assuming ownership.  Hopefully that sort of foolishness will not be repeated there.

I address this, too, to the staff of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, particularly after they allowed the Interfaith Concert Debacle to occur a few weeks ago.  By the way - did you ever purify and/or rededicate the Shrine after all that idolotrous blasphemy?

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  1. It's interesting that this fellow has exchanged his 7th Century heresy for a 16th Century heresy, but if what you say is the case, why do all of the Arabic liturgies (some over 1000 years old) in communion with the Holy Father pray to "Allah"? How does this heretic pray in Arabic even now? Does he say "Jehova", a formulation the Church has banned in the Roman Rite in music (due to its unitarian connotations)? All religions with trinitarian heresies do not worship "the same God" in some sense. In Arabic this would read "Allah is not a synonym for Allah." It makes no sense. Unfortunately, the Jesuit scholarship from the 17th-18th century linking the Mohammadean heresy to the other heresies, including the Lutheran heresies is almost all out of print. When the Koran is rearranged into historical order instead of the current order by length of Surrah, it becomes clear that Mohammadeanism is an amalgam of 7th century Eastern heresies (notably Nestorianism) and a military code. It doesn't help win converts from either heresy to promote this idea. One could easily say that Protestants do not worship the same God as they deny the co-equality of the son (Arianism) and by refusing Mary the title Mother of God (Nestorianism), both of which are trinitarian heresies and thereby define a God fundamentally different from the God of the Orthodox and Catholic faiths. This piece might be titled triniatrian heretic remains trinitarian heretic, or misunderstanding of the nature of Jesus Christ persists despite change of faith community.


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