Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bishop Kicanas Receives The Endorsement From Hell

The Rainbow Sash Movement, self-described as the "only LGBT catholyc organization in the United States active within the parishes", supports Bishop Kicanas for the election to the position of president of the USCCB.  They discuss the stances that Bishop Kicanas has taken over the years, particularly with lending back-handed support to Obama's desecration of the University of Notre Dame, his support of the CCHD collection and activities, etc.

As far as bare-bones facts go, the Rainbow Sash Movement correctly describes what appears to be Bishop Kicanas's mindset on many crucial matters.  The RSM laments his current position on gay "marriage", but hold out hopes that Bishop Kicanas' position "will evolve".  I pray that's not the case, but wouldn't be too surprised if that indeed happens.

So the Rainbow Sash Movement doesn't really care that Bishop Kicanas shielded a pederast and said he'd do it again.  If Kicanas is elected, it will be yet one more inidcation that what is needed is the abolishment of the entire USCCB.

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