Thursday, November 11, 2010

CCHD - Putting Lipstick On The Rattlesnake

Father Daniel Mindling, OFM, Cap, has been named as consulting theologian to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  I understand he is orthodox.  He’s the academic dean at Mt Saint Mary’s seminary, one of the more solid seminaries in the country.  However, I suspect that this may be the USCCB's attempt at “window dressing” or even “putting lipstick on the rattlesnake”.  Given the CIW mess and their reticence about releasing their 2010 grantee list, I’m simply not impressed

The California Catholic Daily reported on this latest development also.  Please read the comments.  It is heartening to see that good Catholics are not being fooled by this and they really see the CCHD for the jaded mess that it is.

Ladies and gentlemen, given that they still haven't released their 2010 Grantee List, they are literally asking us to toss our hard-earned money into an unkown black hole.  Well, it's not quite unknown.  We do know of at least one jaded recipient, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers; see last week's post.  That simply indicates that at the CCHD, it's "shady business as usual".

Again, we call for a complete boycott of next week's collection and the eventual abolition of the CCHD - and the USCCB.


  1. We contributed to the environmental side of the CCHD by promptly putting all the posters, documents, etc we received from CCHD into the recycle bin.

  2. Anonymous, how environmentally friendly of you! For that, you get a great big "kum-buy-yaah"! 8-D


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