Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yesterday's Election Results

Their real
state of mind!
Ladies and gentlemen, there is much turmoil today in the liberal/democrat/progressive/anti-life community.  It can be seen in these pictures.
On a more serious note, I saw the following on a fellow blogger's post - "The Dream - Realized".  I submitted the following comment to that post.
Hand over that gavel, Nancy!
While yesterday's elections are a first step, they are only a first step.  Much work remains ahead of us.  This is no time to break out the champaigne.  We must be relentless about the institution of the Catholic culture of life and not pause for one iota of one second.  "Realized" - NOT!  Let's purge that language from our lexicon and not break our stride.

I hope and pray that those who played roles in yesterday's turnouts do not now go home and sit on their laurels.  I know that Thanksgiving and Christmas aren't that far away, but let that not be an excuse for any one of us to lose focus or relax our efforts and resolve.

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