Sunday, November 7, 2010

New USCCB President - A Pederast Enabler?

Unfortunately, that is precisely what Bishop Gerald Kicanis is.  I need not "reinvent the wheel" here.  Rather, I refer you to the article on the Les Femmes blog that describes the miserable manner that Kicanis handled a gay pederast, Daniel McCormack, when the latter was a seminarian where Kicanis was the rector.

Meanwhile, if Mom or Dad wants to chaperone his/her own child's field trip, he/she will have to be fingerprinted and undergo a background check.  Go figure!

Kicanis is currently Vice President of the USCCB.  It has been routine for many years to elect the VP to the top slot.  How's that for proper officer vetting?  Barring unusual circumstances, Kicanis will be elected president when the USCCB holds its semi-annual meeting in Baltimore next week.

 I agree with Les Femmes that the USCCB is nothing more than a vile bureaucracy.  We've both have detailed the many sordid forces at work in the USCCB.  Is it any wonde now, that when it comes to reforming the CCHD, they're only interested in "putting lipstick on the snake"?   Not only should the CCHD be abolished, but the entire USCCB should join it in the dung heap.

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