Sunday, November 7, 2010

CCHD Chameleons - And Some Boycott Tools

In March, I posted news that some ACORN affiliates in New York and California had changed their names to Community Organizers International.  Go back and read it, realizing that these outfits often follow the same game-book.

That's what seems to be happening in California's Diocese of Orange.  The CCHD collection is now called the "National Needs in the Diocese of Orange" collection.  They're all just a bunch of chameleons now, aren't they?

The American Life League has done extensive work in researching the underhanded grantee practices that CCHD uses in doling out your donation dollars.  They have developed cards that you can put inside your CCHD (or "National Needs") envelope in lieu of money for deposit in the collection basket.

For the Diocese of Arlington, there is an additional tool for your use.  There is an online petition to Bishop Loverde, found at

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