Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Shady Business As Usual At CCHD

The Diocese of Oakland California, in its latest edition of its paper, the Catholic Voice, unabashedly announces that some more of the "usual suspects" are receiving national CCHD grants.  From that article we read, "A relatively new organization called Genesis, an affiliate of the Gamaliel Foundation, received a national grant of $30,000 toward its efforts to address “public policy issues that deny opportunity and enhance concentration of poverty” in Alameda County, said the Rev. Scott Denman, pastor of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Oakland, who is the chair of Genesis." (emphasis mine)  Yes, they are affiliates with the Gamaliel Foundation, the progressive organization from whence the Messiah Most Miserable launched his pernicious "community organizing" career.

There's more.  Again from Catholic Voice we read, "Another group, Congregations Organizing for Renewal (COR), received $35,000 from CCHD. Its mission is to develop leadership among low- and moderate-income adults of southern Alameda County in order to empower them to participate in the decision-making process in local governing boards and committees that deal with issues such as education, housing, job training, violence prevention, health care, immigration and youth development."  They're a bit more discreet with this organization; the CV doesn't reveal the COR is a PICO affiliate.  This bunch (PICO) was founded by Father John Baumann, S.J., who was trained in Alinsky's organizing techniques.  Yep!  CCHD national money is going to dubious "community organizing" groups, be such donations ever so quiet.

Speaking of "community organizing" rackets, there is talk of the Republican-controlled House launching a real investigation into ACORN.  Watch this clip from Fox's "Follow the Money", here.

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