Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The TSA Molestations - Will We Be Dignified People Or Docile Sheeple?

Much has been written about the defacto sexual assaults that are being conducted at various airports - all for our safety, of course.  I'll post a few links below that I think give good input.


Let's be very clear.  This is sexual assault, plain and simple - assault ordered by the Messiah Most Miserable's Mindless Minions.  Janet Napolitano seems to be one of the masterminds behind it all (if you can call whatever she has between her ears a "mind").

On one level this amounts to a gross violation of the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits unreasonable search and seizure.  And yes, feeling the genitals of toddlers and the breasts of elderly women, along with x-rays showing the naked body is unreasonable by any standards of decency.

For those of us who understand human dignity and the essential virtue of modesty, the TSA assaults are much more abhorrent.  We can never allow our modesty to be violated in such a manner.  Recall basic moral theology.  We must look at a give act and evaluate the kind of act that it is. It is either moral or immoral on its face.  The motivation behind an immoral act, be it ever so benign or even noble, cannot make an immoral act into a moral act.  The treatment being foisted upon travelers by the TSA is inherently immoral.

I for one am heartened by the uproar this has caused.  It is evidence that there still remains some sense of our dignity as people and our rights to be secure in our persons.  Some on high are at least making noises that signify that they are hearing us - particularly after this past election.  I say keep it up and make the Federal bureaucrats damned remorseful that they ever dared come up with such reprehensible nonsense.  They may well reverse it.

On the other hand, I am dismayed to be hearing some signs of passivity and even acceptance of such affront to our dignity.  Just tonight I was listening to Sean Hannity voice sympathy to the TSA workers who were "just doing their job".  Not so!  They can no more be excused for molesting people than the rank-and-file Nazi soldier could be excused for herding people into the gas chambers.  "I was just following orders!" was rightly rejected as an excuse at the Nuremberg trials, and it is no more acceptable today.

Then there are some who opine that such "inconvenience" is necessary to ensure that we're all safe.  Safe!??!?  From whom?  Having one's private areas groped and squeezed is NOT safety; it is the very opposite.  It is a most egregious assault on one's person and is inherently degrading.  It is impossible to overstate the psychological damages, both to the hapless traveler and the worker.

We seem to have forgotten our dignity as human beings, created in the image and likeness of God.  Please go to the right toolbar and pull up that copy of the Declaration of Independence.  The Protestants who penned it had a much more inate sense of whom God created them to be.  I'd also like to remind us all of the quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin, "They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."  They also forfeit both in actuality.  Remember the speech of Patrick Henry?  Read the whole thing, but especially the last paragraph.  How about this from Samuel Adams?  Ladies and gentlemen, this is our heritage.  Will we allow it to be treated with so little regard by the Messiah?  More importantly, do we take our heritage seriously?  If we don't, the terrorists - and the progressives, have won.


  1. Is TSA the new clergy abuse scandal? Remember how many claims of clergy abuse claimed inappropriate touching or groping. And many of these claims did not surface for years after the alledged event.
    Can we expect that 20-30 years from now there will be a wave of lawsuits agaist TSA as young adults remember the trauma of being "inspected" by TSA screeners?
    Might be a good idea to make note of the screeners name so they can be properly charged when the time comes.


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