Friday, November 5, 2010

More Details On The Chicago CCHD Mess

Up until a week ago, I had advocated the boycott of the CCHD with the exception of the Chicago CCHD.  Just recently, I learned that the reforms of the Chicago CCHD were to be short-lived and gave some details in that post.  Please re-read it, as well as the linked article by Stephanie Block.

Today, Catholic Culture reveals that the backlash against the reform of the Chicago CCHD is spearheaded by - priests!  Regretably, I'm not surprised!  Father Larry Dowling of St Agatha's parish appears to be the ringleader.  According to Catholic Culture, he is a "community activist (organizer?)" who has his own squalid ties to pro-abortion groups; among these is the local Planned Parenthood.

So now we call for an "across-the-board" boycott of the CCHD collection in the entire country.

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