Thursday, November 11, 2010

Culture Of Death In "The Land Down Under"

Melissa Ohden was born in 1977.  However, her "birth" was much like Gianna Jessen's.  She is alive because she survived her mother's attempt to murder her via saline abortion.  While she was left for dead on a table, medical staff noticed her movements and did what they were sworn to do - save her life.  She credits basic American protections in place during that time.

She shares her story on the embedded video produced by Pro-Life Victoria (in Austrilia).  In 2008, the Brunby Labor Government in Victoria passed their so-called "Abortion Law Reform Act".  With that, they voted to do away with the most minimal tokens of decency in their mad dash to liberalize the murder of babies.  It is the opinion of Pro Life Victoria that this law is, to date, the most barbaric abortion law in the western world.

Bear in mind that in this country we do have the Born Alive Protection Act - an act that the Messiah Most Miserable opposed four times in the Illinois legislature.  That is to say, had Obama his way, babies like Ms Ohden would not be alive today.  As it is, too many of them are murdered - actually, one murder is one too many.

The elections last week were a pivotal step in the right direction, but they were only one step.  We have a lame duck session starting next week, when Pelosi will ferociously bang her gavel in the Dem's last swan song to cram more culture of death legislation.  Let us hold the Republican's feet to the fire; they have a mere two months before they assume control of the House.

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

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