Friday, November 5, 2010

CCHD Continues To Fund Radical Groups, Protestations Notwithstanding

On September 15th, the USCCB released a statement outlining the reputed "review and renewal" of the CCHD, given the glaring light of truth that we and many others shone on it to expose its harmful grantee practices.  You can read it here.  On page 2, it showcases some of what they would have us believe are worthy recipients of Catholic dollars.  The first one listed is called the Coaltion of Immokalee Workers.

The Reform CCHD Now Coalition (of which we are members) issued a press release today revealing the radical pro-abortion and pro-gay ties that this CIW group has.  The RCN coalition developed a report that goes into extensive detail about the matter.

When their very first showcased donee is exposed as a snake in the grass, we have reason to believe that the CCHD is either:
  • not being completely honest with the Church at large regarding their intentions for donation dollars, or
  • hopelessly naive in believing the words of malevolent grant applicants
Given the unarguably jaded history of its foundation, I regretably hold to the first option.  I urge a complete boycott of the November 21st collection.  Moreover, I now call for the complete abolition of the CCHD.

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