Saturday, November 20, 2010

To Abort, Or Not To Abort? The Game Has Begun!

Yes, a game!  That's what it appears to be to a Minnesota couple, Pete and Alisha Arnold.  Both are 30 years old - chronologically, that is.  They are in the 17th week of pregnancy with a little boy.  However, it seems that they're ambivalent about whether they'll allow the little boy to be born or to have him murdered in Alisha's womb.  There is no question about whether the little guy is healthy or not - he is (as if that should make a difference).  They admit that they have a comfortable lifestyle and wonder whether their baby might make changes. 

Ladies and gentlemen, if you thought you had seen the most crass behavior possible, if you thought Michael Jackson's stunt of holding his baby over a precipitous drop was the worst that you'd see in parental callousness, well, think again.  The Arnolds are going to let the internet community decide the fate of their baby.  They've set up a website to take a poll on the question of whether the boy lives or dies.  Well golly-gee! 

Where's all that lovely rhetoric about abortion being "between a woman and her doctor"?  They've certainly blown the cover off that lie now, haven't they?  What they have attempted to do is to transform the internet into a Roman Colosseum in which the spectators, by their virtual "thumbs-up" or "thumbs-down" decide the fate of the hapless victim - with the Arnolds standing in as the "emporer", of course.  Nero and Caligula have nothing on this couple.

Obviously I pray that this immature couple has the grace and good sense not to murder their son.  Perhaps they may wish to put him up for adoption, if they're so concerned about their precious "life-style".  It might be for the better.  Can you just imagine what the boy would feel if he ever learns the circumstances surrounding his birth, that his parents thought so little of him that they'd use his life for a prop so they could get their 15 minutes of fame?  Can anyone doubt anymore that this culture in which we find ourselves is a culture of death?

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