Sunday, November 21, 2010

Garbage By Any Other Name Remains...

And the answer is ... GARBAGE!

At Mass today, we were told that the second collection was for the "FUND for Human Development".

FUND???  Do they think we all just jumped off the turnip truck??  Who do they think they're fooling, especially when the Catholic Standard has been falling all over itself trying to put a pretty face on that viper of an enterprise, using its real name "Catholic Campaign for Human Development"? 

Needless to say, there was not one red penny in my envelope.  Instead, they'll receive something much more valuable - some truth regarding the CCHD.  Read the little letter below.

To Whom This May Concern:

As you can plainly see, there is no money in this envelope. Not only do I refuse to contribute to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), but I urge its abolishment.

Ironically, the two articles in the recent Catholic Standard issues, undoubtedly published to put a pretty face on the CCHD, offer evidence of the harm that CCHD has wrought over its years. In both articles, a funds recipient was touted as doing great work in Washington. This organization is the Washington Interfaith Network (WIN). A brief perusal of the WIN website reveals that it is an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), which was directly founded by Saul Alinsky himself. If you read Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals” (and yes, I read it), you will discover that his aim was bring about a socialistic revolution in this country. He was an atheist who had no problems declaring that the ends can justify the means. So there you have it – the local CCHD is funding an Alinskyite organization. While WIN may be affecting some benefit, greater harm is being done by lending legitimacy to these organizations. If nothing else, they are training grounds for individuals such as Barack Hussein Obama. I initially thought it a pity that the CCHD can’t get past the stench of these organizations until I realized that such stench defines the essence of what the CCHD actually is, and what it was founded to be by its founder, Alinsky friend and disciple Msgr Jack Egan. A more accurate usage of the acronym “CCHD” might be Catholics Conned by Humanistic Deception.

In general, we need to do away with this concept of donating to a “middleman” who will in turn decide who gets the dollars. Catholics need to take personal responsibility for the direction of their own charitable dollars and not to punt that responsibility to some other organization, even if that organization has the word “Catholic” in their name. My donation dollars will be going to organizations whom I’ve personally vetted and who will carry out both the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy and who will promulgate sound Catholic doctrine on the life issues.

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